Being a Good Neighbour
This advice is based on issues raised by residents with the Residents’ Association over the years and is intended to help avoid friction.  If you have queries, email us at:

If you place stones, logs or posts on grass verges in front of your property, you may risk seriously delaying emergency vehicles. Consider instead, low permanent stone verging.

Make sure your house number is clearly visible from the road.  As there is no street lighting, this is especially helpful to emergency vehicles and could even save a life. 

External lights on a property may cause annoyance. Try to ensure any sensor- activated external lights do not shine onto a neighbour's property and are not left on all night.

Dog waste can be a problem. Please pick up after your dog and either take waste home or use one of the Council provided receptacles.

To minimise disturbance, please avoid lighting bonfires before dusk. It is helpful to warn close neighbours, in case they wish to close windows or take in washing.

Where possible, try to arrange for visitors or contractors to park on your drive or verge. Avoid damaging your neighbours’ verges and never block anyone else's entrance.

In the interests of safety, please adhere to the advisory 20mph speed restriction on the Downland Estate and to the statutory speed limits elsewhere in the village.

Keep hedges and trees to a reasonable height to avoid blocking light from other properties and don’t let vegetation obstruct footpaths.

If you are flying drones, please respect people’s rights to privacy in their homes and gardens and avoid areas where there is a risk of injury to other people.

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