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Dealing with Waste

Nobody wants to have to put up with their neighbour’s rubbish or be inconvenienced by efforts to dispose of it, so it’s in all of our interests to act responsibly.  Here are some tips:


Green waste

Wealden District Council provides a brown bin for garden waste, which is collected free every fortnight.  If you would like an extra bin, you can obtain one from Wealden DC;   emptying the extra bin costs £40.00 pa.  

You can also take surplus green waste to the tip in either Seaford or Eastbourne – this is free (see below for details)

Composting is another option; there are numerous bins on the market or you can construct your own.  Wealden DC provides bins at a discount - see website. Composted waste in time will provide an excellent means of improving our chalky soil.

As a last resort, you could have a bonfire, but please consider your neighbours. Smoke and ash can be unpleasant and toxic and can spoil people’s enjoyment of their gardens; damage their health or pollute their washing.  You should take reasonable steps to ensure it doesn’t cause nuisance to others: eg speak to neighbours first and try to find a time when it is less likely to cause offence.   You could be fined up to £5,000 if your bonfire is deemed to cause a nuisance to others.

If your neighbour’s bonfires are causing you problems, see links below for what you can do about it.


Recycled waste

Wealden DC provides a bin for cardboard, paper, cans and certain kinds of plastic, and a box for glass recycling.  These are collected once a fortnight.  Government advice is that you cannot get rid of household waste if it will cause pollution or harm to people’s health.

Again, you can also take waste to the tip in Seaford or Eastbourne


Household Waste

Wealden DC provides a bin, which is emptied free once a fortnight.

Wealden will also collect larger items for a fee – see website

Need more information?

General advice on rubbish disposal in the Wealden District Council area:



Local rubbish tips