East Dean and Friston

Candidate address for the Parish Council By-election  -  6th May


Hi. I’m Chris Lees & I live in Friston with my wife Sherrie and three children & have lived locally for most of my life. I grew up living next door to Friston Church where my parents lived for almost 40 years. I got married in Friston Church & my mum & grandparents are buried there so as you can imagine I feel pretty “connected” to the village.

I care passionately about the welfare of the village & its residents and I believe we are all incredibly lucky to live in such a picturesque place surrounded by such beautiful countryside. It’s our collective responsibility to look after the village, the surrounding countryside and to protect its flora and fauna as well as celebrate its heritage & history. 

At the same time i believe in progress and making sure that we are not left behind by technology (like strong broadband connection!) and that we benefit from any regional or national schemes and budgets that we can tap in to to keep the community up to date.  I am a strong believer in localism, and feel that the best people to make the decisions that affect us locally are local people like us. 

Therefore I hope being elected to the parish council can give me the opportunity to take local peoples feelings and needs into account and steer local decisions in the best direction to help us all.  I hope you agree and show this by voting for me on 6th May.


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