East Dean and Friston

Downlands Area Project

The Rejuvenation of the

Downlands Way Shopping area

Following a big clear up and clean of the Downlands Way Shopping Area by members of the Parish Council, the Tree Warden, Peter Williamson, and Stuart Walker, many residents can now fully appreciate the floral displays that now grace the area.

Donations from the shop proprietors, the Residents Association and The Parish Council have allowed more containers to be added to the beautiful ones already there. 

Jan Smith has also donated the display of sunflowers for all to enjoy.

At the end of the season the containers will be replanted with winter flowering plants and going forward the Parish Council will set aside an annual budget for the upkeep and enhancement ensuring that every year we have an attractive display for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

A special thanks goes to Alan, a local resident, for the very welcome cups of tea and supply of much needed water.