East Dean and Friston

Duplicate Bridge

The club meets in the Village Hall on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month throughout the Summer and Winter.  Play starts at 7.00pm prompt but please be at the hall by  6.50pm.  We average between 8 - 11 tables and generally play 21 hands finishing at between 10.00 and 10.15pm


Although we all try hard  to win we do not take our bridge too seriously.  We place a strong emphasis on the social side of the evening and after finishing your three hands at a table we allow, or even encourage, conversation as long as you are not too noisy. All bidding is silent using bidding boxes.


Many of our members had not previously played duplicate bridge before joining our club but had only played rubber bridge.  If you have only played rubber bridge don’t be afraid to try duplicate.

Contact - Chairman  Frank Everleigh  01323 422283

What is Duplicate Bridge?

Duplicate is a way of removing the “luck of the cards” from bridge by everyone playing the same hands. The results of each time the hand is played are recorded on a travelling score sheet which travels with the cards. If we start the evening with 7 tables each hand is played 7 times and each result entered on the travelling score sheet. This allows the organiser at the end of the evening to compare each North/South pair against all other North/South pairs and similarly for East/West.


The simplest way of explaining it is that at the start of the evening all hands (say 21) are dealt and placed in plastic wallets which each have four compartments; one for each of north, south, east and west. Bidding is silent using bidding boxes so that people on an adjacent table cannot overhear your bids. During play instead of throwing all four cards into the centre after each trick your own cards are lined up in front of you. Winning tricks are pointed towards you and your partner and losing tricks towards the opposition


The score is entered on a travelling score sheet which is kept with the cards in the plastic wallet. The cards are replaced in the four compartments in the wallet and passed onto the next table ready for the next four people to play the identical hand. The East – West pair also move (but in the opposite direction to the cards) so during an evening you will play against 7 other couples.


As the evening progresses and more results are entered on the travelling scores sheet it is possible to compare how you performed against other people playing the same hand. It can be very interesting trying to fathom out how a pair bid and made 4 hearts whilst you went 2 down with the identical cards!


Once the evening has finished all the travelling score sheets are collected and the overall results are produced for the evening and converted to a percentage. The total results are then sent to all players by email and the pairs with a score of 50% and above are published on the web site.


And that’s all there is to it!


Hall of Fame Results over 70% 


On each occasion that we play The results are calculated as a percentage.

Normally the winning scores are in the low sixties or high fifties. 

However in the period since the club started a score of over 70%

is occasionally achieved and is recognised by an entry on the Hall of Fame.



The first over 70% was achieved on our first ever evening in

October 1996 by Jean and Noel Powell and this record stood for 5 years. 

In the 2007/08 winter season three pairings achieved over

70% and that has prompted the start of the Hall of Fame

Posted by: East Dean Village at 17:30, October 28 2016.


Sue & John Harvey 2009 March                                        73.81%


Betty Halifax & Janet Sheridan 2006 December              73.66%


Gordon Saunders & Bill Way 2003 August                        73.15%


Jean & Noel Powell 1996 October                                     72.78%


Noel Powell & Martin Powell 2011 August                        72.22%


Tony Banham & John Nott 2008 March                             71.94%


Doreen Greenwood & Gordon Saunders 2004 Jan.           71.67%


Doreen Greenwood & Gordon Saunders 2001 Nov.          71.62%


Bernadette Anstee & Betty Halifax 2009 March              71.43%


Noel & Martin Powell 2008 November                              71.39%


Jean & Noel Powell 2008 March                                        71.28%


Tony Banham & John Nott 2016 August                           70.63%


Peggy Manville & Barbara Smith 2007 November            70.60%


Peggy Manville & Barbara Smith 2010 August                 70.56%


Betty & John Halifax 2004 July                                          70.48%


Noel Powell & Martin Powell 2011 November                   70.45%


Elsie Densall & Catherine Yallop 2011 December           70.23%




28 October 2016