East Dean and Friston

East Dean Downland (Roads)Ltd

We are a private limited company, set up in March 1984, with the prime objective of looking

after the roads on the Downlands Estate. These responsibilities were taken over from

previous owners (now defunct), and this was followed by the transfer of appropriate

covenants and enforcement rights to EDDR.

There are two directors - Robert Corbett (Chair) and Stewart Fuller (Secretary), and they are

supported by an Administrator - Rowland Hoar. The EDDR email address is


We prepare a budget each year for the maintenance of the roads, repairs to potholes and the

clearance of gullies. At the AGMs, shareholders determine the annual fee needed from

households to meet the planned works; we then deal with contractors to meet the maintenance

programme. The total fee needed for 2024 is £110 per household.

Householders on the Downlands Estate are encouraged to become shareholders in EDDR.

Requests to become members, and for a share certificate, should be sent to Rowland at the

email address above. Shareholders who have fully paid current and past annual fees are

entitled to vote at the AGM. 

Thank you.

Stewart Fuller

Company Secretary

East Dean Downland (Roads) Co.   AGM 2023