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Hedgehog Street

Photo with kind permission of 

Chris Riddlington

Join the East Dean and Friston Hedgehog Street and help to - 

Connect our gardens.

Provide a wild area for foraging, nesting and shelter.

Provide a safe place by avoiding chemicals and hazards.

No single garden is large enough for a hedgehog population

No single garden can offer everything they need

Think of your garden as part of a local network

Top tips for helping hedgehogs

1. Link your garden with your neighbours by making CD case size holes in fences and walls.

2. Check thoroughly before strimming and mowing as they sleep and nest in long grass.

3. Stop using chemicals such as slug pellets as these kill their food source and can poison them.

4. Deal with netting and litter as they can get trapped.

5. Make your pond safe. They can swim but need an exit so ponds with steep sides can create a problem.

6. Create a wild area where they can forage, sleep, nest and hibernate.

7. Be careful with bonfires and compost heaps as they may use them for nesting and hibernation.

8. Put out water in hot and dry weather and food if you can, dried cat biscuits and meal worms are good.

9. Hedgehogs are nocturnal.  If you see a hedgehog out in the daytime, keep it warm in a box and call a rescue centre such as East Sussex WRAS. DO NOT WAIT.


You can also join the national campaign with its 40,000 plus army of volunteers by registering at 













































How Hedgehog friendly is your Garden?

Happy Hedgehogs have

Messy, overgrown areas for shelter and undisturbed hibernation

Leave wild areas with log, compost and leaf piles. Before you use a strimmer, check the area as strimmers will cut or slice hedgehogs, frogs and other animals.


Hedges for habitat, food and shelter

Dog rose, Hazel, Goat willow (for wet areas), Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Field maple, Whitebeam, Alder Buckthorn, Yew, Elm (though limited by elm disease), Small leaved lime, Rowan, Wayfaring tree, Native oaks and Crabapple-(Sussex Wildlife Trust


13cm gaps in fences/walls to be able to roam the neighbourhood at night-time 

There are at least three companies that make hedgehog friendly gravel boards.  Although not an endorsement, Jacksons in Kent has provided EDF Hedgehog Street with a gravel board sample we can show you.




Access to water e.g. a pond, with a safe and easy route in and out

If you can’t have a pond, leave out a shallow bowl of water especially in the dry season. Place small pebbles in the water to reduce evaporation



Plenty of creepy crawlies e.g. beetles, worms, caterpillars, slugs, earwigs to munch on


If you use insecticides, pesticides, weed killer etc. you are killing the bugs and worms hedgehogs, birds and other wildlife eat to survive. Think nature.