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Welcome Pack for new Residents


East Dean Downlands (Roads) Limited

To New Residents- East Dean and Friston Downlands Estate

Maintenance of The Estate Roads

Welcome as a new resident! This newsletter is to tell you about the action being taken by the

residents of this estate to maintain the roads and to ask for your participation.

As you probably know, all the roads on the estate are private and have not been adopted by the

County Council. Their maintenance had been in the hands of Fairway Homes, the successors to East

Dean Downlands Estate to whom you are very likely covenanted in your Title Deeds to pay a small

annual sum.

Because virtually no maintenance work was being carried out, despite many protests, the Residents'

Association eventually decided in 1983 to form a Company for the express purpose of repairing and

maintaining the roads and gullies, and aiming to take over this task from Fairway Homes. Resident's

approval was sought and obtained at a series of meetings that Autumn and the Company, now

commonly known as "The Roads Company", was formed in 1984.

The company is run by a voluntary Board of Directors who are all householders on the Estate. All

householders are entitled to become shareholders (one per household, single or Joint) and, provided

they contribute a certain sum annually they may vote at General meetings. The company became the

duly appointed managing agent to Fairway Homes but that company was dissolved in October

2014.In accordance with formal conveyances, contributions are nevertheless payable to East Dean

Downlands (Roads) Limited

The only way in which the company obtains money for spending on road repairs is by the almost

wholly voluntary annual contributions of householders. With the money contributed in the past the

company was able to have a thorough survey of all roads made by a consulting highway engineer,

and in the light of his report, to have urgent repairs done. There are in fact five miles of roads and

over two hundred and thirty gullies, with connected soakaways, to maintain.

Since the formation of the company, up to the end of 2022, we have collected and spent a total of

over €700,000 on repair and maintenance and you will have noticed the smooth tarmac surfaces on

all the roads - a great improvement on the rough and pot- holed lanes they had become. Their

present smooth appearance, however, hides the fact that very nearly all the roads have minimal

foundations, quite inadequate for the weight of present- day commercial vehicles. Consequently, the

 surface periodically breaks up and potholes develop. Also, every year many gullies fill with silt and leaves, often causing temporary flooding.

You will therefore appreciate that we need the active support of every household - the roads are

used by all and for the benefit of all. Their upkeep is vital for safety, access (especially in

emergencies) and for the value of your property.

The Company Administrator, Rowland Hoar (01323-422195) has records of all contributions and, if

you are in any doubt, can let you know the current balance for your property. This is also shown on

the request for payment sent out to each household at the beginning of each year.

Our Company Secretary and Director is Stewart Fuller (01323-423710). He oversees all transactions

made on behalf of the company and also organises the accounts and annual A.G.M

The safety of our roads on this estate depends upon every household contributing to this company.

At present, the voted minimum annual figure is only £95.00 You may contribute more if you wish-

some do! I hope you will agree this is very good value.

Robert Corbett


14 Summerdown Lane, East Dean, BN20 OLF

Email: eastdeanroads@hotmail.co.uk

(Revised ) May 2023