East Dean and Friston


Benefits of Membership


East Dean & Friston Residents’ Association


* A Voice


The RA speaks for the community on matters of importance linking with

outside agencies.


* Welfare


A   team of willing volunteers are available to assist with village and

individual needs.


* Information


RA members have access to regular emails regarding local issues.   A Welcome

Pack is provided for all new residents giving village information and

advertising local clubs and societies.


* Support


Funds are raised via subscriptions, activities and the Annual Village Fete.

Donations have been made to local village groups and contribute to road

gritting on the Downland Estate.


* Environment


The RA funded and   continues to maintain the Greensward, a registered

Village Green on Deneside.   Street name plates have been replaced, litter

bins provided,   trees and wildflowers   planted to enhance the village environment.


Residents’ Association

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Single Annual Membership         £5 


Family Annual Membership    £10 


Email to … edfratreasurer@gmail.com


Account Name:




Sort Code:                20-27-91    Account no:   60354813


Please confirm payment by email to treasurer


Reference:   House number/Road name


Or by Cheque,   payable to:


East Dean with Friston Residents’ Association


Please complete your details below and return to the Barn Stores.



























By submitting this information you are agreeing to the East Dean and Friston

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Welcome from the Chairman   


The East Dean and Friston Residents’ Association (RA) is run by local

volunteers with the task of giving support to the community, representing

your views to various       authorities such as: Parish Council, WDC, SDNPA

and our local MP, plus other groups where they can influence our community’s

wellbeing. It is also instrumental in providing village activities and

addressing    environmental issues to maintain and enhance the village

atmosphere and appearance. The RA communicates effectively via a regular

email platform conveying current local information & news


Our aim is to enrol and represent as many members in the community as

possible, thus enabling the RA to represent a broad spread of opinion on

aspects which may require an appropriate response.


We believe that with the many recent property changes in the area, we are

becoming   a more diverse and    younger community and our planning for the

future must reflect this.

If you are not at present a member of the RA I hope you will join us by

completing the attached application form to ensure we can reflect as many

opinions as is possible and   keep you advised of current village news.