East Dean and Friston

Residents’ Association

What does East Dean and Friston Residents’ Association do?

The Residents’ Association (RA) exists for the benefit of everybody who

lives in the area.  It works closely with other local organisations, 

and particularly the Parish Council, to serve the interests of local people.  


A voice for residents: The RA speaks for the village on matters of importance, where common problems are identified. We have successfully campaigned to improve services, for example installation of Super-Fast Broadband in the village, and have highlighted villagers’ concerns about replacement of gas mains.  The RA is also in regular contact with our MP and has raised issues like traffic problems and mobile phone reception.


Information: RA members are kept in touch via regular emails, covering local issues and alerts about criminal activity in the area. RA also funds and delivers the Welcome Pack for new residents and has produced a Code of Practice for builders working in the village.


Support: The RA keeps a list of volunteers willing to help with village events and of 4x4 drivers who will give help in snowy weather.  It also organises the annual village fete.


Environment: The RA funds and manages a road gritting scheme on the Downland Estate and provided, and now maintains, enhanced Estate entrances.  It raised funds to purchase the Greensward, a registered Village Green on Deneside, which it also maintains.  It periodically organises volunteers for various village tasks, such as spreading bark on the footpaths.  It also replaced all the street name plates throughout the village. 


What’s in it for me?

Membership of the Residents’ Association is voluntary, but, without the Association, who would take the responsibility for those little jobs mentioned above?  By joining or continuing your membership to the Residents’ Association, you are voicing you interest in how your village is looked after.


What does it cost?

Membership of the Residents’ Association costs £5.00 per adult per year (£10.00 per couple)  Subscribers receive occasional emails giving advice of road closures, break-Ins, cold calling scams and other public service announcements.  As the blind copy (bcc) facility is used, addresses remain confidential.  We are also pleased to accept additional voluntary contributions to ease the strain on our limited financial resources.


To join email us and we will send you a form


Chairman Bob Salmon 423382