Spring time cherry blossom on the greensward photographed in infrared (c) David Lal

East Dean Greensward

East Dean Greensward Limited Policy on Benches and Trees

1. Requests for emplacement of dedicated benches and trees

All such requests will be fully considered by the directors of East Dean Greensward Limited (EDGL).

2. Objectives and guiding principles

a. To be respectful, sympathetic and easily understood by applicants. 

b. To lay out clearly the guiding principles for decision and to ensure fair treatment of all applicants.

c. To maintain the appearance of the greensward while not detracting from its prime recreational purpose.

d. To establish clearly the responsibility for maintenance, repair and replacement of donated benches and trees.

3. Application process

All requests should be made in writing to the chair of the Residents’ Association (RA) who will pass on the request to the directors of EDGL.

4. Terms

a. Requests may be made by only current or past residents (or their relatives) of East Dean and Friston.


b. Donated benches/trees shall be of the type and/or species agreed with EDGL and are required to be in keeping with the intended location which must be agreed by EDGL.

c. Maintenance or replacements of benches or trees shall be the responsibility of the original applicant. However, if any bench falls into disrepair EDGL reserves the right to repair, remove or replace it at its own expense. If any donated tree becomes damaged or diseased EDGL reserves the right to remove or replace it at its own expense.

d. There is a maximum number of donated benches. EDGL will limit the number of benches on the greensward to 6 in total. EDGL reserves the right to refuse applications on this basis.

e. EDGL is the final arbiter in all these matters but points out that there are other locations in the village, such as the periphery of the cricket green, where additional benches or trees might be placed. Consult the Parish Council.

f. Requests for further information should be addressed to EDGL.

dl_edgl_policy_benches_trees.doc, February 19, 2022